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Molding Services in Houston, TX

Consultation: We meet with you out at your location to discuss the project and evaluate your needs. Then we take a look at your ideas, time frame and budget. From there we will give you a price on design and construction. We take care of almost every aspect of the project. Most of the work we do ourselves, if needed we will enlist one of our trusted subcontract partners.

Estimate: We take a look at the details of your project, the type of wood species required, the complexity and the amount of labor involved in completing the project. Our bids include all material and labor to construct the items and, if needed, the installation. If the scope of the project changes once we have started construction, then we will inform you that there will be a price difference and provide you with a new proposal.

Design: We custom design every element of your project based on the concept drawings and photos that we are provided. We can design cabinets, doors, moulding, and furniture pieces to fit your exact specifications. We can work with your interior designers, builder or architect to make sure we consider all aspects of the project. Often we will provide a life-sized scale drawing of the doors, molding, carvings or other items to give you a visual representation of what the finished product will look like prior to starting production.

Construction: Once you have completed the approval process on your designs, we begin the building process. This involves ordering the wood and other materials that are required for your project. If any profile knives or cutters are required for your project, we order those also. Then we will revisit the location to measure to assure correct sizes. The items will then be scheduled for production in our shop. Our skilled craftsmen spend time constructing each piece taking care to deliver the highest quality and detail.

Installation: If required, we will install the doors, moulding, cabinetry, stairs, wood posts, hand-carved pieces or custom furniture.
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